i have chosen gale
and a hiatus, bye
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One day it just gets better. There’s no explanation or reason why. You just wake up and you’re not angry anymore.
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you close your eyes and the glory fades;

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He who binds to himself a joy

Does the winged life destroy;

But he who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity’s sunrise.

                                                 - William Blake

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we're painted red to fit right in;

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nothing but a place where i was happy;

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Cressida has us sit in the nook in the rocks, where it‘s impossible not to be touching, and coaxes us into talking about hunting. What drove us out into the woods, how we met, favorite moments. We thaw, begin to laugh a little, as we relate mishaps with bees and wild dogs and skunks. When the conversation turns to how it felt to translate our skill with weapons to the bombing in 8, I stop talking.

Gale just says, “Long overdue.”

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